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Worth Ranch History

For over 80 years Scouts and Scouters have come to Worth Ranch Scout Camp.  The history of the camp and the adjacent area is rich with lore and mystery.  This page is still being developed but check back as we continue to add and build.  

This page is being developed with the help of members of the Longhorn Council Historical Committee and long time Worth Ranch supporters.

The following audio recording is about 30 minutes long.  In 1969, Ken Majka recorded an "interview" with CPT Kidd, then 77 years old.  The first half of the cassette taped interview erased itself over the decades and this is the last half.  The transfer to digital took out a lot of background noise, but there is still some, so if you want to listen to the recording, it is suggested you do so with no other sounds in the room.  The renditions on Zeke and George are relatively clear, it should be noted though that Snakey Harter sold snake venom to Northwestern University, not the snakes themselves.  We hope you enjoy it.  Captain Kidd Interview


History and Tradition

The camp is full of history and traditions.  Many of our buildings were built with rock brought in by horse drawn wagons and our log cabin is still a big part of the the Summer Camp program.

Historical Submissions

The Property - Before 1930

Alan Steinecke

Buildings & Campsites

Landreth Lodge
Roeser Hall
Todd Campsite
Ole Man Campsite

Influential Worth Ranchers

Frank I. Kidd “Captain Kidd”
Jeff Robinson
Allen Johnson
Oscar Bilger